Thursday, November 6, 2014

Royal Castle Cakes:)

We have been in serious castle mode.
We had the joy of creating 2 exsquisite castle designs for 2 very special princesses:)
Both had lights and firework effects added. Oh how I wish we could show you  fireworks and lights in action that would have been so cool. Well, I trust your imagination can give you a close enough visual:)

Here is our Royal Rose castle cake fit for a birthday queen. The cake flavor was chocolate and vanilla. We covered the cake with different shades of pink roses. The staircase was decorated with edible lace detail.
We made another giant princess castle cake for Karena Ng  Both beauties were featured in apple daily newspaper. As you can see, Karena was a very happy princess indeed.
Here are a few close up shots of some details on the castle. Lace detailing on staircase and a water fountain on the bottom of the castle.  

How could you not be a happy princess with a special cake designed by her boyfriend Raymond Lam:)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall is here:)

Hope you all had a lovely Summer. We spent our summer prepping our our 10th Anniversary.
Yup we are 10 and it sure is hard to believe how fast time has flown.
Oh the many stories I could share, they are endless. All the stories truly make us who we are today.
On my next post, I'll post some blast from the past photos.
I just need a lil more time to get them all together:)

We made a sweet birthday cake for Natalie featuring 2 of her favorite things: Bunnies and rainbows.
Rainbows are also Max's fave thing too. We highlighted this 3 tier cake with under the sea creatures.
For a memorable 60th birthday, we designed a cake for this daddy he sure will enjoy. As you can guess, his hobbies were horse racing and golf. 
Luv the details on the horse.

And for all our cupcake fans out there, we now offer mini cupcakes everyday at our cupcake counter. Wooohooo more to enjoy and trust me, one is never enough:)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty in Pink Rocking Horse Cake

We recently made a beautiful pink rocking horse theme cake for a sweet baby princess. 
The parents wanted the cake colors to be very soft and sweet just like their princess Irene. 

We loved putting all the lil details onto the cake

 The rocking horse made out of gumpaste was absolutly  irresistable:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Borneo Cake Exploration Tour

Hi hi everyone:) So sorry for not being around. We've been busy traveling. Yup you heard right, we just returned from our Borneo Cake Exploration and it was FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS, MIND BLOWING and UNFORGETTABLE:)
Here are some highlights. 

It was my very first time teaching my Couture Handbag class outside of Hong Kong. 
The class was held in Kuching, Malaysia. I had so much fun meeting everyone. The  cake passion from my students was beautiful and we all had a fabulous time. 

All the  students received deelite certificates after the completion of the class. 

Day after the Couture handbag class, we hosted a cake demo Tea event with KINO Events. 
That was out of this world. The Tea event highlighted  and honored local cake artisans. It was really such an honor for me to meet the artists and also for the locals to meet them in person too. 
We had artisans piping with Whipped Cream, demonstrating Kek Lapis (local Cake art), I did an  airbrush demo, and our Wilton instructor (Kaorina) featured Karen Davies molds. 
It was a great collaboration highlighting a variety of cake decorating methods. 

Our event even got a feature in Borneo Post.....WOWEEEE:)

"Auntie Cynthia" Sweetest lady, did a demo on her famous local cake art: Kek Lapis. 
Day after our demo (Day 3) our group visited another local cake baker "Auntie Helen" she taught us how to make honey comb cake, pandan fudge cake, pandan chiffon cake. Hmmmmm hmmmmm yummy in the tummy. 
Last but certainly not least, we launched a Wilton pop-up class. It was 4 days of AWESOME cake action!!!!
Though we all came from different parts of the world, our love for cake was our common culture and we had an incredible time:)
Wilton Course 1
Wilton Course 2
Wilton Course 3 & 4

I hope our Borneo cake exploration has inspired you to get out there to learn and share:) It was awesome to meet people from all over Borneo and share new ideas and learn about  their cake culture. Respect all those Aunties / Artisans that have dedicated their time to the local cake craft. I love cake decorating because there's always something to learn . How you keep your craft alive is by sharing and learning. So go out explore,learn and decorate:)
Until our next event, I wish all our Borneo cake students and artisans a lifetime of cake stories, cake art and cake love:)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Whooo Whoo Owl Buttercream transfer technique:)

This Buttercream transfer technique opens up a world of decorating ideas. 
It makes decorating specific themes, characters etc a whole lot easier. 
All you need is: 
-Piping Bags, Tips #3, #2, #1 depending on how fine you need to pipe the details you can adjust the tip.
-xerox copy of the image you want to have on your cake.
note: make your image the exact size you want to have on your cake
- reverse the image if it is a face such as thomas the tank or doing some kind of action. so by the time you flip your buttercream transfer over, it will be facing the right way.

-Buttercream in all the colors you want to put onto your transfer
 And if you don't have time to make different colors, you can also use  Wilton ready to use buttercream in individual colors. That'll save you heaps of time.

Tape your image onto your cake board and then tape a piece of wax paper over it. 
Then pipe away:)
I like to do the outline first and then all the lil eensy weensy details such as polka dots and the little twinkle on the eyes. 
Slowy go over each section layer by layer
Tip: If you find your buttercream smears when piping other colors, put your image into the freezer for about a minute to set it slightly hard. Then when you pipe over it you will not smear any of the colors and get a very clean finish.
 After piping, place your transfer into the freezer for about 5-10 minutes
once you take it out, flip it and slowly peel off the wax paper. 
Tah Dah!!! 
yes, its that easy:)
You may place your transfer on your cake immediately. If you are not going to use it right away, place it into the freezer in an airtight container until you need it. 
Remember you can use the transfer on just about any cake. 
Fondant, Buttercream or Whipped cream. 
It's absolutly amazing.
Give it a go, it'll be life changing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deelite Latest Cake Creations!

We have been busy making some fabulous cakes!
For Cyrus'100 Day, we made this whimsical 2 tier cake that matched his invitations. 

I love the pin wheels.
And for the young at heart, nothing like the birthday boy's fave vino for his birthday cake.
Cake flavor: Red Velvet accompanied by his lady friend:)
Spring is here and we have already hopped into the Easter spirit. 
We made a snuggly bunny cake for Emma's 2nd birthday!
Here are some lil goodies we have in store for  Easter this year:)
Woooo Hooooo!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whats new in Deelite!!!

Have you noticed our logo got a makeover!!! YUP its been 10 years and we thought we would give is a new look. WOW!!!!how time has gone by so quickly. 
We're  excited to welcome 2 esteemed cake artist in April:)
James Roselle and David McCarfrae in April:) They are an absolute inspiration in the cake world and what an honor it is to have them teach at Deelite.
James will be teaching his famous Cake Design and Floral Separator Master Class.
For more info on his class please click here:  James Class Details
Early Bird Discount: $300 Off  if you register before March 21st:)
Online Registration please enter certificate code: EBDC141

Early Bird Discount: $300 Off  if you register before March 21st:)
Online Registration please enter certificate code: EBDC141

For those of you who want to learn how to stack multiple tiered cakes,and also assemble your very own Crooked cake, we have the class for you:) Jacinta's Amazing Blossom Crooked Cake Class!
In this class you will also learn how to work with gum paste flowers, make a Giant Peony, airbrush and pearl dust flowers for a natural finish and much more.
If you register before March 7th you can enjoy an Early Bird Discount.
We also have our Easter Class Program Available:) Oh spring is almost here and we are looking forward to warmer weather:) If you haven't noticed, all of our classes are available for registration online. FINALLY!!! I know. Enjoy browsing through all of our new workshops and we look forward to seeing you soon:)