Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School with Deelite!

Summer has zipped by and kids are all back to school. Hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with sunny days, lemonade, ice cream & sweet memories. Here at Deelite we had an amazing summer at our Summer Kids Camp. It was such a huge it we extended our program and added on 2 extra classes. 

It was awesome watching all the young ones discover the art of baking and decorating. I think the best thing is to just let them go wilds with their imagination and that's exactly what they did. Here's a video highlighting our Summer Kids Camp. 

We are so proud of our Jr. Deelite Decorators and Bakers!:)
Wishing you all a school year filled with adventure and new discoveries!
Happy Decorating & Baking:)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Baking Classes!

Sweet Summer News!
Its that time of the year and we have our Deelite Summer Blowout Sale!!! WoooHooo

Everyweek you can enjoy additional discount on some items of the week. 
Week 1: July 11-17 
25% off 
Satin Ice 5lbs & Up. 
Sugar Arts Petal & Disco Dust 7pcs & up
Week 2: July 18th-24th 
20% off  
Wilton Fondant/Gumpaste,food & non food items
min $800 purchase
15% off
Party Products & Balloons
Week 3: July 25th - 31st
15% off
Karen Davies Molds
Fmm Molds (min 3pcs )
Week 4:Aug 1-10th
20% off 
Marvelous Molds (min 3pcs)
 Airbrush Machine

Americolor (min 6pcs)

Cruise on over and Enjoy our Summer Sale:)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Jacinta Yu Complete Deeltie on LITV

Summer is here and boy is it scorching hot outside. Hope you all are having a great summer and enjoying some cool activities. 

We recently got a super surprise for LITV Life Inspired Channel. They did a very cool Vignette on MOI! Yes me:)
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Son Joshua's 3rd Birthday Cake-Buzz Lightyear Cake

Three years have zipped by and its unbelievable that my son is 3. It is true what they all say, it goes by fast. I remember when my son was just a few months young and it felt like an eternity during those late/early morning hours. Now, I look back and think "geez where did all that time go?"
Instead of me choosing the design for Joshua's cake. He is telling me what cake design he wants for his birthday. 
I of coarse could not wait to make his birthday cake. 
But the theme oh the theme, it was constantly changing. For a couple of weeks it was Noddy, then Peppa Pig which I was over the moon about.   I thought for sure it was Peppa the Pig and then he threw a curve ball and suddenly he said BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Whaaaaaaaaat!!!! What happened to Peppa son??? " No Mama I want Buzz."
If you're a parent you know what I"m talking about. So Buzz it was and I had a great time making it. The smile on his face oh I will forever cherish. 
For all you parents out there who ever wanted to make a cake for your child I say DO IT! Its the best feeling when they know their Mommy or Daddy made their bday cake. And it doesn't have to be super fancy I mean lets face it all they wanna do is gobble up the icing. 
That SMILE!!! trust me its priceless!
Here's a video of me on the day of his birthday. I had to sneak outta the birthday to take a quick video. 
For the first time ever I"m in NON PINK Yikes:) Well at least my dress coordinated with the cake. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Gold Dazzler Birthday/Wedding Cake

We made a gorgeous jaw dropping 6 tier birthday cake for a very special birthday girl.
She saw this design in our wedding cake catalogue and wanted it for her birthday. I like how this girl throws a party:)
Every single pearl droplet was hand painted with gold.
Flavor of the cake was red velvet. We know she had an unforgettable birthday party.
Enjoy the video:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Deelite 3D Bear Cake!

We made this adorable 3D Bear Cake for a very special birthday girl. 
The entire Bear is cake from head to toe. 
We based the cake design from the birthday girl's fave Salvatore Ferragamo Bear. 
We loved adding the texture imprint on the bear. 
We used an air brush technique to color the bear to make the colors look more soft and realistic. 

Enjoy the video! We Luved making this cake:)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deelite in Action! APM Mall Cake Exhibition, Mother's Day , Kathleen Lange and More!

April was a very exciting month for us. 
 On April 22nd Complete Deelite was awarded the Most Valuable Service Award by Medeazone. What an honor it was for us. We received a gold trophy for Complete Deelite's recognition. 3000 companies were nominated for review and 150 companies were chosen for this very special award. 
Don't recognize me without  my pink jacket huh....this event needed a bit more than pink:)
I'm the girl on the right , like my pink heels:)
 What an honor it was for us:) 

On April 27th we launched a Mother's Day cake exhibition at APM mall. We had a blast dong it. We designed a made 10 cakes that we thought mom's would love. 
I also did a cupcake demonstration with 2 Hong Kong socialites. 
I"ve attached a video from the event at the end of this post so you could also experience it. 
For those interested to see it live, the cake exhibition will be out till May 11th:)

On the same week our cake exhibition launched. Master cake instructor Kathleen Lange taught her fabulous classes at our Cake Academy
We hosted her Lambeth Method Royal icing master class and Oriental String Work Masterclass. 
The work from all of our students was phenomenal. Congrats to all of you and Thank you Kathleen for sharing your cake passion with us:)

The students learned over 16 intricate techniques. 

Last but certainly not least, Mother's Day is 2 days away. As a mommy this day is extra special for me. I feel greatful for my mom and feel so blessed to be a mom. We wish all the mommies out there an unforgettable mother's day. And may every day be as special as mother's day for you. May your loved ones shower you with lotsa hugs and kisses:)
Enjoy this video from our Mother's Day Cake Exhibition at APM mall:)