Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shopping Bag Cake-Joyce Style

This week has been a week of Hand Bangs, Jewels and fabulous mother's day treats. You have probably all seen this cake before on our website, but this time, we made it for a mother's birthday. I thought it was cool that her birthday was on the same week as Mother's Day. Talk about a Double Whammy:)

This Joyce Bag Cake is also a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Mother's Day :) Not to worry if you haven't booked those flowers, bought the present or made the reservations at a restaurant, I always think what Mother's love most is quality time with their loved ones. After all, you can never buy memories:)

Here's a shot of me finishing off the bag with the text plaque.

It was then when the photo was taken that I realized "HELLO" this cake is so much cooler than it looks on photo so we switched gears and made another video for y'all.


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!!!!!!!