Monday, July 27, 2009

A Deelited Smurf:)

Earlier this month we did a Smurf cupcake tower for Jared.
We got these FABULOUS photos back from our deelited smurf.
"I just want to say that the cake you made for my son's Birthday party was Perfect, not only did it look adorable it was delicious!
The catering and the balloons was great!
Here are just a few pictures from the party. --Cindy"

This is my absolute favourite photo.
No holds bard Jared, its your birthday and your very own smurf!!!!
And don't chya just love his matching blue birthday outfit:)

Still going.......I so agree Jared, icing first:)

Luving this mother & smurf moment:)

I can't help but notice, I think Mommy dear also wore a smurf shirt.
HELLO......can we say LUV!!!!

Feeling the blues ain't so bad after all:)
Happy Monday!!!!