Monday, November 30, 2009

How to make Cake Pops!

Today was a fun fun day filled with classes, another Brand new arrival of Christmas products and CAKE POPS!!!! Eeeeeeek I know Cake POPS!!!!!!
Before I jump into that,
I have to share with you some photos from our Christmas Mini Cakes Wkshop.

The class worked with fruit cake and fondant. The students created such
adorable christmas mini cakes, it got me even more excited about my cake pops.

I couldn't wait for our new Christmas shipment to arrive today because I needed some lollipop sticks which were sold out a week ago.
As soon as I gathered all of my supplies I needed, I got right into making my Christmas Cake Pops.

First I mixed our vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. Here's a tip, more icing doesn't mean that it will stick better. You want to put just enough frosting so that the cake can stick together. If you put too much icing, it will not stick to the lolli sticks as well. And will cause MAJOR problems down the road.
After mixing, make cake balls about 1" diameter.
Then put in fridge for about 5-10 minutes to set.

While cake balls are in the fridge, melt your melts and open up you bag of lolli sticks

Melt the melts for 1 minute to start on high and then 30 second intervals stirring in between every session until silky smooth.

Take out cake balls, dip lolli sticks in chocolate and then into the cake balls.
Looking good already:)

Dip the cake ball into the melts and twirl,
using a tspoon or spatula to glaze the chocolate around the entire ball.

Yaaaaaaah, that's what I"m Twalkin about!

Tap your lolli lightly on the edge of the bowl to drip off excess choco.

Luvin White Choco too:P
Check out the smooth finish. Now, my favourite part.

I couldn't wait to get my hands into the Christmas Sprinkles.
I had to move pretty quickly at this point b/c I could see the Choco was hardening on my pop.

Oops a few casualties:(

After a quick choco drizzle and a quick gboy and Christmas sprinkle bedazzle,
our cake pops came to life. TAH DAH!!!!

LUV!!!! the choco drizzle design. All I did was take my spatula and swing it right and left and let the chocolate do its thang. Its easy and so much fun. And then, I added some G-Boy action....
Betchya DYEing for a closer look.
What a Beauty:)
At this point I couldn't wait to take the plunge and bite into my cake pop.
I went straight for the dark choco pop as Dark choco is my fave.
And plus, I wanted to save the 3 g-boy ones for my dinner buddies:)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yummo overload!!!
I"m over the moon, can't talk in sentences..... Gibberish.

Oh Me Word,
It was absolute purfs in a pop. Its a Muuuust try.

Annnd sooooooo Easy to make:)
Wanna make these pops, here's what I used:
Vanilla Cake- I used our Vanilla cake, but Cake outta box mix is perfectly fine.
Cream Cheese frosting -I made my own, but ready made is just as good
*Wilton Dark Choco Candy Melts
*Wilton White Choco Candy Melts
*Wilton Lollipop sticks
*Christmas Non-Peril Sprinkles
*Christmas Jumbo G-boy Sprinkles
teaspoon/spatula to stir melts
Bowls to melt melts (Follow instructions on bag on how to melt properly)
Styrofoam block to hold your lolli's after coating

Cream Cheese Recipe

1 Bar (8oz) Cream Cheese
½ Stick Butter
½ Cup Shortening
1 tsp. Vanilla
Dash of salt
1 ½ - 2 Lbs. Powdered Sugar

Cream together the cream cheese, butter & shortening. Add in the vanilla & salt. Cream. Mix in the powdered sugar until you reach the consistency you want.

*available in store now.
Enjoy and have a Poppin Monday!