Monday, March 29, 2010

Jungle Fun!!!!

Hi hi.... hope y'all enjoyed our ultimate golf cake video. Fun fun fun and more fun:) Here are some of our most recent highlights.
Inspired by our #1 shaped cake and a super mcqueen cake, we combined 2 designs and made this unforgettable dream mcqueen first birthday cake.

For a double whammy brother and sister birthday celebration we made a super cute jungle themed topsy turvy cake.
Isn't she just so UH-dorable:) Look closer and you can see her 2 front teeth

We added some twirling friendly jungle vines

Jungle surprise animals and can't forget big bro

And lil sis, had to show her again just in case you didn't get to see her sweet two front teeth.
Oh and don't you just love their floating balloons:)

Tah Daaaaah!!!!! Jungle Fun!!!!!!