Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doraemon's Side Kick & Deelite in TST!

Some of you may know who Doraemon is. Well he's got a cool sidekick
named Dai Hing= Big Brother.
We got a request to do a cake with Dai Hing sitting on top of his cake.
Apparently the birthday boy looks just like Dai Hing:)
Just in case you don't know who these characters are, I have a photo reference.
You see Doraemon the Blue bubbly dude in the middle, Dai Hing is on his left. Still don't know who he is, he's the only Big Bro in the world who can wear blue mini skirt like shorts and still be cool. I just couldn't see a mature fellow wearing mini shorts to his birthday party so I had to give him a decent pair of pants:)

The cake was a huge hit. I'm sure the birthday boy had a hard time parting with his birthday cake.

We got more news!!!
Our cupcakes are now available at Main Street Deli in Langham Hotel, TST Kowloon.
Yes, you can get a piece of Deelite on Kowloon side now. Believe me, we are just as excited as you are:)
The Grand launch started this week. Now there's even more reason to go to Main Street Deli. If you haven't been there its the place to go to for famous New York Style pastrami sandwich,Reuben and burgers. Oh and the fries, my personal fave.

You've got a cupcake cravin, stop by and get your dozen.
Flavors available:
Classic Choco, Classic Vanilla, Choco Fluff, Choco Rocks and Juicy Raspberry!!!
Yippeeeee Cupcakes in Main Street Deli, TST-Kowloon!