Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog News & SURPRISE!!!

Hi hi everyone,
I'm still here:) I know I"ve haven't been blog/facebook present, but its for a very very good reason. I PROMISE!!!! You will fall off your seat when I show you the video and photos. We're not totally finished with the surprise project video/photos but I PROMISE YOU, you will LUUUUUUUUUUUV it more than anything you've seen in Deelite...Well, maybe I"m pushing it, I'll allow you to be the judge for yourself. But I will say this, it is my favourite cake I"ve ever done with Deelite:)
Ok, still want another hint.......
hmmmm not musically getting my hint
I walked down the aisle:)
Will be writing about it very soon.

Before I do that, I have fabulous news.
I received a surprise email from Amie--http://www.loveonprintblog.com/?p=496
She has an amazing blog filled with Passion, Pink and everything nice and sweet.
She came across our Deelite How to Cake Pop video and fell in love with it.
It made my day that the video helped her out with her pops.
Her Pops look gorgeous!!! Not only do her pops look fabulous, so do her cupcakes, cakes and everything else.
It makes my day to know that our video makes decorating so much easier.
Lets face it, we all want to spend our time decorating and not stressing:)
The holiday season is right around the corner and
I know cake pops make a perfect treat, crowd pleaser, holiday party favors, smile makers:)
Here's our video, I know you will have fun making your cake pops as much as
Amie from Love On Print Blog. p.s. don't you just love the name of her blog.

By the time you finish your batch of cake pops our lil surprise will be ready:)Dun.... Dun....DUNNA!!!