Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deelited with Deelite!!!

We love getting email surprises!
We received 2 fabulous photos from our deelited fans:)
We made a copy of the birthday boys fave sneaker!

"Happy new year!!
The cake you guys made was soooo amazing! Can't believe how gorgeous your cakes are. Hopefully that one will make it to the website!"-A
We made a GIANT cup noodle and longevity bun cake for a super birthday boy.
I thought the food combo idea was fantastic!

Luv this photo of the birthday boy!
He's makin me wanna get up and dance too:)
"i've attached a photo of my stepdad dancing in front of the sao bao cup noodle cake! thank you so much! it was so so sooooo beautiful and delicious!! AND wow-so-impressive!"-V