Friday, February 11, 2011

Deelite Always in LUV!!!

YAY!!! Valentine's Day is right around the corner.
We LUUUUUUUV Valentine's Day here in deelite.
If you havn't seen our goodies from our newsletter, here is what we have in store for Valentine's Day.
Have you noticed our new Deelite Gift Options on our website
We have our Cake-TO-GO. And just to make it extra special, for the month of February we have our cake to go cakes available in Red Velvet flavor:) LUUUUUV!!!

Our ever so popular Valentine Dozen. These year featuring a special double luv heart edible cupcake topper.
Annnnnnnnnd we have our message cookies. You can also personalize these.
If you don't have any idea here are some options
3) I LIKE U!
4) LUV U!
I can't promise forever love with these options, but you'll definitely get a smile:)
Hmmmmm what else, OH I can't believe I forgot to mention. We did a tv shoot a few weeks ago for Dolce Vita. I had a great time showing the hosts how to make Valentine Cupcakes. We had a blast doing it.
So, the bad news is, I totally overlooked my calender and realized that Yesterday was the showing. BUT not to worry, they are showing it again on Feb 19th 7pm on Jade. Annnnnnnnd if the TV schedule is not convenient for you, its on their website.
PHEW!!!! We all can still watch it.