Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Janet Evers Demo & More

Its been an exciting month. Fall is here, Janet Evers was here and Edward Frys is here. We really don't have anything to complain about :)Here are some highlights from Janet's Demo. It was truly inspiring to watch her decorate with piping gel. Most people including myself know piping gel as a medium that thins icing out for writing & to make water.

But oh no not Janet, with Premium Piping gel, she really inspired us to think out of the box and see the endless possibilities of this gel. I love working with the Gel, its so easy and great to work with.

The consistency of the gel makes it so easy to pipe a glass like finish on these Christmas lights. And also get a real flame like finish on the candles.

its also great for stenciling. Look at this cute Halloween Stencil.

The best part is the text. Luv the multi color finish.

You can even pipe with this icing gel and it won't drip everywhere. Look at the beads on the side of the cake.

Embossing technique with the piping gel

Luv these butterflies.

As you can see we all had a blast with Janet. Over 60 ppl came to attend her demo. We left inspired and very excited to decorate:)

Thank you Janet for sharing your passion, skills and most of all your enthusiasm for cake decorating.