Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall is fast approaching!

 Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So sorry for not keeping you all posted. 
We've been busy preparing all of our new things we are launching for Fall. 
I feel like it was just yesterday I was raving about Summer. Can't believe some schools have already started and its Back to School season already.
All of us here in Deelite have been busy preparing our new products to launch in the Fall. 
Before I get into that, I like to share with you some of our latest Press & Praises. 
During the summer I was interviewed by Crave magazine. 

I had a wonderful time chatting with Debbie. I shared with her my top 6 faves: 
Favourite Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong: Nadaman & Sushi Shin
Favourite dessert in Hong Kong: Portuguese Egg Tart from KFC. 
Its totally random but it is OH so yummy. Kinda like soft serve ice cream from Mcdonalds:)
Favourite Chef-Cake Decorator: Mercedes Strawschky
Favourite dessert place in NYC: CafeLalo
Favorite snack: Spam Musubi
We also got a sweet mention in The List Magazine as one of their recommended cake decorators in Hong Kong. 
Have you seen our new wedding cake catalogue on our website?
We're all so excited it for it. It is now organized into 6 different categories:
We have more goodies coming up. We'll be posting it all up very soon. 
Up next is our new Cakes-To-Go Menu. Can't wait to show yáll:)