Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wooohoooo David MacCarfrae!!!

 Its been Way toooooooooo long I know. I got swept away by David MacCarfrae's Royal Jubilee Tea Party and Classes. It was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
David and Edward's creativity is unimaginable and only if you see him in person do you understand how incredible he his.
We took loads of photos so you all can experience David  too. 
Here you go!
Our first 2 events were held at the beautiful Aberdeen Marina Club
The Royal Jubilee Tea party was held at the beautiful Ballroom. 
David wowed the guests with his grand entrance and surprised them with his Piano skills. 
 As if his piano tunes weren't enough, he bedazzled the guests with his Royal Icing extravaganza.
 After the Tea Party, David taught a Jubilee Cupcake Workshop.

 Students learned how to pipe, free hand decorate and make roses.
 Following day David hosted his Royal Icing inspiration class at Complete Deelite.
 Now if this cake doesn't inspire you to pipe I don't know what would.

Next was the Royal Painting class which is one of my faves:)

Last but certainly not least David's 2 Day Royal Master Class.
 Students learned how to do intricate detailed royal icing piping.
Stack their 3 tier cake


Great times David & Edward. !!!