Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deelited Kiddy Fans:)

Its always such a joy to be celebrating with all of our Deelited Fans. Whether it be through our classes, party products, balloons, cakes, cupcakes, cookies we LUUUUUUUUUUUV to celebrate!!!
Here are some of our latest from our deelited fans. 
Some of our Kiddy fans have been with us for many years. It is such a joy growing with them.
 Lady D has been a Deelited fan of ours for many years. Every year she plans the most spectacular parties for all 4 of her children. 
For her daughter's 6th birthday the theme was Rainbow and Lady D wanted everything Rainbow color including the color of her cake. We baked 2 tiers of yummy rainbow colored cake. 

And decked it our with her favorite rainbow my lil pony. 
The rainbow fun doesn't stop there. We also made rainbow theme cupcakes and Thank you Cookie favors
Annnnnd Nou Nou's birthday was also celebrated at school so we made a fabulous #6 rainbow theme cupcake cake:)

" You have truly truly out done yourselves, your cake was spectacular and there wasn't a single person in the room that was not blown away by its design, and color and everything- best cake I've ever seen, and as you cut it it looked even more special. Bravo to all the team, and thank you for helping me make my daughters birthday magical.--Very Best D"

And for Nou Nou's brother's (Boudy) cake we made a fabulous pirate ship theme cake with matching #4 cookie favors. 
 "Thank you so much, they were fantastic and cake was really superb,(croc was fabulous as was ship and whole scene!) everyone loved it. Many thanks to you all.Best regards-D"
More lil Kiddy Deelite News. We made a going away Hong Kong themed cake for Awenat family. There time in Hong was truly  memorable and we had the joy of being apart of their lives during their time here.
We highlighted thier departure cake with their favorite Hong Kong memories-Taxi  & thier neighborhood beach.
This is one of my favorite deelited photos ever:)
"That is just awesome awesome awesome!!!"-Awenat Family

Happy Mid-Week:)