Sunday, December 2, 2012

Count down to the International Bake Expo

Do you ever wish you could be an Octopus??? I wish I could  be a pretty pink Octopus with 8 arms to do more cakes:)
I can't believe the Expo is 3 days away and we have been very busy designing and finishing up the details of all of our display cakes.
All of our guest artists are arriving and they too will be completing their beautiful works of art too. Edward Frys has just arrived last night
  David MacCarfrae is arriving today. Be will be making a lifesize giant Santa cake.
 and Mercedes Strachwsky arriving on Tuesday. Our decorating studio will be a big decorating party.
I also had the joy of doing 2  press productions this week. One with TVB which will be televised next week
and another with Tsing Tao newspaper which will be out Monday (tomorrow)
 And if you have been commuting through the MTR, I'm sure you have seen our Deelited faces on the Bake Expo posters. Hope we've put a smile on your faces during your commute:)

Our Workshops at the Expo have received an amazing response. I am really looking forward to meeting all of my students. 
 And if I were a pretty pink Octopus I would have been able to finish 8 of these mini bags:)