Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is Here!

I"m so sorry for being MIA. After the TVB shoot we had a few very fun cake projects and classes which delayed my lil fingures from typing and updating you on all that's been going on here. 
For some of you who are following us on Facebook, have you noticed that our cake colors have suddenly gotten more colorful. It never fails that when Spring arrives, we suddenly get more requests for Pastel, bright & happy colored cakes. For me  that's when I know Spring has arrived. 

 Spring theme wedding cake for Mr. & Mrs. NM. 
 Luving the multi-colored cake board.
Rainbow Garden cake with matching rainbow Unicorn cookie favors.

 I had a brilliant time with all of my students on my first Perfect Box Cake class. 
I spent many hours planning for this class making sure no details were left out.
Here is my table set up before class. I had a check list of everything that was needed for the students so that they would have a smooth and enjoyable class.
 Here I am demonstrating how to cover a box cake with sharp edges
 I asked my class if they had ever covered a box cake before and 80% of them said no. 
I couldn't believe how well they covered their cakes and they even managed to finish it off with 
sharp edges:)
 Many other techniques were taught as well.
Nice Satin Bow with a pearl Finish.

 How to make a pearl necklace & Tissue.
I know that there are bows and pearls are very common and are generally very simple to make. 
But with a few of my deelite tips and techniques thier bows & pearl neckalaces went from nice to WOW!
 Super fun, I look forward to seeing some of my students again for my
Have a great weekend!