Thursday, April 24, 2014

Whooo Whoo Owl Buttercream transfer technique:)

This Buttercream transfer technique opens up a world of decorating ideas. 
It makes decorating specific themes, characters etc a whole lot easier. 
All you need is: 
-Piping Bags, Tips #3, #2, #1 depending on how fine you need to pipe the details you can adjust the tip.
-xerox copy of the image you want to have on your cake.
note: make your image the exact size you want to have on your cake
- reverse the image if it is a face such as thomas the tank or doing some kind of action. so by the time you flip your buttercream transfer over, it will be facing the right way.

-Buttercream in all the colors you want to put onto your transfer
 And if you don't have time to make different colors, you can also use  Wilton ready to use buttercream in individual colors. That'll save you heaps of time.

Tape your image onto your cake board and then tape a piece of wax paper over it. 
Then pipe away:)
I like to do the outline first and then all the lil eensy weensy details such as polka dots and the little twinkle on the eyes. 
Slowy go over each section layer by layer
Tip: If you find your buttercream smears when piping other colors, put your image into the freezer for about a minute to set it slightly hard. Then when you pipe over it you will not smear any of the colors and get a very clean finish.
 After piping, place your transfer into the freezer for about 5-10 minutes
once you take it out, flip it and slowly peel off the wax paper. 
Tah Dah!!! 
yes, its that easy:)
You may place your transfer on your cake immediately. If you are not going to use it right away, place it into the freezer in an airtight container until you need it. 
Remember you can use the transfer on just about any cake. 
Fondant, Buttercream or Whipped cream. 
It's absolutly amazing.
Give it a go, it'll be life changing.