Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deelite in Action! APM Mall Cake Exhibition, Mother's Day , Kathleen Lange and More!

April was a very exciting month for us. 
 On April 22nd Complete Deelite was awarded the Most Valuable Service Award by Medeazone. What an honor it was for us. We received a gold trophy for Complete Deelite's recognition. 3000 companies were nominated for review and 150 companies were chosen for this very special award. 
Don't recognize me without  my pink jacket huh....this event needed a bit more than pink:)
I'm the girl on the right , like my pink heels:)
 What an honor it was for us:) 

On April 27th we launched a Mother's Day cake exhibition at APM mall. We had a blast dong it. We designed a made 10 cakes that we thought mom's would love. 
I also did a cupcake demonstration with 2 Hong Kong socialites. 
I"ve attached a video from the event at the end of this post so you could also experience it. 
For those interested to see it live, the cake exhibition will be out till May 11th:)

On the same week our cake exhibition launched. Master cake instructor Kathleen Lange taught her fabulous classes at our Cake Academy
We hosted her Lambeth Method Royal icing master class and Oriental String Work Masterclass. 
The work from all of our students was phenomenal. Congrats to all of you and Thank you Kathleen for sharing your cake passion with us:)

The students learned over 16 intricate techniques. 

Last but certainly not least, Mother's Day is 2 days away. As a mommy this day is extra special for me. I feel greatful for my mom and feel so blessed to be a mom. We wish all the mommies out there an unforgettable mother's day. And may every day be as special as mother's day for you. May your loved ones shower you with lotsa hugs and kisses:)
Enjoy this video from our Mother's Day Cake Exhibition at APM mall:)