Saturday, October 10, 2015

We Luv Cupcakes Workshop!

Our classes have been in full swing. We have revamped all of our popular workshops with new designs and techniques. Here are highlights from our new We Luv Cupcakes workshop. We first launched We Luv Cupcakes workshop in 2005. Yes, this workshop is 10 years old. Over the years we've changed the designs of the cupcakes to go with the latest trends and techniques. 
Our recipe taught has never changed.
Here's video to show you some highlights:)

Fall has officially kicked in and I feel a change in the air. SOOOOO happy for cooler weather:) Bye Bye humidity!!!!
 This past week I taught our first seasonal class- We Luv Cookies Halloween. 
 I just can't believe that Halloween is just a few weeks away. 
As always, it is a privilege for me to be able to teach and impart some of my knowledge to  our students. I love teaching and love being apart of peoples cake decorating journey. 
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We also have just lauched a Seasonal class package.