Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

We're in countdown mode. About 1 week  till xmas YAYAYAYAY!
I"m sure some of you are still scrambling for gifts. In the midst of the hussell and bussell, don't forget to take a breather and enjoy the holiday atmosphere, spirit and joy. I had to remind myself that 2 weeks ago when we were in the midst of the IBE cake and bakery expo. I literally had no time to breath between cakes, classes and prepping for the convention it was seriously eventful to say the least. Here are some great photos of the expo. As you can see our booth was really buzzing with sweet talent from many different artists and brands. 
We featured Kelmy, Satin Ice, Wilton, Icing Images, Lorann Oils, & Sugar Arts. We also had a great show of Master Artists from around the globe: David MaCarfrae (Royal Icing Master)from David Cakes, Kristina Rado (Royal Icing Master), Mike Terry ( Wafer Paper Master), Kathleen Lange ( Lambeth Method Master), Robert Haynes ( Sugar Flower Master). This year we highlighted the Year of the Royal icing so it was really great seeing different Royal Icing masters show case their interpretation of piping with Royal Icing. 
 Within our booth area we also had 3 workshop spaces in the back for people to take classes. 

 Here I am demonstrating Satin Ice fondant techniques
 David with is Royal Icing Smile:)

To give you a breather from the holiday buzz I thought I'd share a bit of entertainment.
Go grab you mulled wine or hot chocolate sit back relax and enjoy this Gingerbread Boy Cake video We hope this inspires and entertains you:)

Merry Christmas!!!
Deelite Family