Wednesday, April 23, 2008


How the idea of Cake Jamming came along. was really by chance. We were hosting decorating parties for children and their parents would come along to their birthday parties.
It was really funny because quite often I found it was the parents (BOTH Mommy and Daddy) who were more excited to decorate than their child. Parents would always ask me if they could organize the same thing with a group of their friends just for fun.
I thought since the kids were having so much fun WHY leave the Grown Ups out. That's not fare!:)So that's the story behind Cake Jamming. Since then we've launched quite a few other Jam sessions.Cookie Jamming and our most popular, Cupcake Jamming. Here are photos of a Cupcake Jam Session we hosted recently . It was great to see all the jammers creating their one of a kind cupcake art pieces.

Here is a photo from our kids Cookie Jamming party.