Monday, November 17, 2008

Cake+Cupcake = FABULOUS!!!

We've been on a cake+cupcake kick. Its been so much fun decorating with this combo.
I know in the past I"ve shown a lot of our cupcake towers. I thought I'd show you some other cake + cupcake Combos we've come up with recently.
Here's a super fun one we did for a Hoops & YoYo fan.
This is what happens when Hoops&Yoyo meets Tiffany cake box and cupcakes????

Hoops & Yoyo + Tiffany Cake Box+Heart Throb Cupcakes

= Super Fun Hoops & Yoyo Celebration!

For Chloes' 3rd Birthday, we combined our spring bug cake surrounded with our adorable Spring Bug Jr. Cupcakes.
Spring Bug Cake
Jr. Spring Bug Cupcakes
= A Saaaaaaaaweet Spring Bug Celebration:)