Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cupcake Geek!

As we were looking at some of our cupcake photos today and brainstorming designs for upcoming orders, I suddenly got a wave of ideas; new flavors, designs, workshops and couldn't contain myself. So I started randomly shooting out ideas with Ella one of our sweet cupcake assistance. When I finally stopped blabbing about cupcakes, she turned to me and said "ur such a cupcake geek" I looked at her and was like I LUV my new name.
So Cupcake Geek I am & truly honored to be:)
Thanx Ella and ur our cupcake geek jr:)
Here are some of our latest cupcake creations. Enjoy!
We decorated a mix of Vanilla & Lemon with pretty fondant flowers for Rebecca's 6th Birthday.

For a pirate & princess party, we transformed our chocolate cupcakes into friendly pirates and pretty in pink princess tiara's.

These adorable chocolate heart logo cupcakes were delivered to Canadian International School for an early morning Parents & Teachers meeting. Here's a message from our happy cupcake fan:)
"The cupcakes looked amazing and people just LOVED them! Cheers, Renate"

Yours Truly,
Cupcake Geek %)