Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Here is the friendliest tiger in all of cake world:) We had so much fun doing this cake we actually had a hard time parting with our new friend ":) We even gave him a name, lil Grrrrr:)
Since we're on the topic of animals we hand sculpted this jumbo elephant. You can already guess who's wearing the pants in this friendship :) Our lil mousekateer
For a 30th birthday celebration. We decorated this cake with all of the the essentials businessmen cannot live without. A Blackberry, champagne and his PINK Hermes tie.
This cake I would say is one of our more memorable and unique requests. We were asked to sculpt a Torso for this special birthday boy. When I first got the request, I said that we are strictly a RATED G cake decorating company. And rated G it was as all the customer wanted was a TORSO. Why, i have no idea...but torso they wanted and a torso we did.
With a few cake implants I was able to give him a super 6 pack:)