Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!!!!

Who stole the cookies from the cookie rack???

Who else???? COOKIE MONSTER:)

Of course, I can't just leave you hangin there. We sooooo want you to be apart of our Cookie Monster experience so here we go.
First we baked some yummy in the tummy chocolate chip cookies. And if Cookie Monster's mouth wasn't stuffed he would say the same too. Then we baked some yummy cupcakes and covered them in our creamy buttercream

Then we fed Cookie Monster. Ok not so cookie monster yet, but soon.

Beautified him with his signature blue fuzz with

Buttercream colored with Wilton Royal Blue Icing Color, Tip: #233

TAH DAH....... Ooops spoke too soon:)

Here you go, much better. Now he can see

We used Wilton White Candy Melts for Eyes. Soooo perfect for Eyes:) Piped Cookie Monster Eyes with black buttercream:)