Monday, January 25, 2010

Miele Cookies, Diver Cake & Ben 10

We're kickin off the new year with lotsa fun goodies.
We decorated 120 of these fabuloso birthday lollipop cookies for Miele's 111st birthday party.

Hmmm that's a lot of candles to blow out:)

Now lets jump into the ocean for a nice dive.
We decorated this cake for a super cool diving fan.

If you're wondering who the yellow guy is, its a Galeazzi suit.
Ahh, here's a better shot. Isn't Mr. Galeazzi so cute.
Ok, maybe Cute wasn't the look Mr, Galeazzi was going for.
But seriously...look at him. You know you wanna say it!

And here's a shout out to all you Ben 10 fans out there.
We have Ben 10 requests every week.
We got a super dooper Ben 10 cake request and
we designed an ultimate Ben 10 birthday Pizzax box.

Close up of the top.

Close up on all three sides of Ben 10 box.

You know whats cooler about this cake.
We combined three different flavors of cake in each layer of the box cake.
Choco-Banana, Vanilla and Mangos and Cream!