Friday, April 9, 2010

bags bags and more bags

Bags and makeup are a girls best friend:)
We've been on a handbag kick lately. These cakes prove that no matter what age you are, handbags are always a fab way to celebrate your birthday.
We made this lucious pink eye shadow to go with Nicoles 7th birthday cake.

On top of her cake was a trendy #7 purse and heart spangles.
We stacked and spalshed a bunch of other tweens make-up necessities.
Put a little topsy turvy pizzaz on her 2 tier cake and you got a dream girly girl birthday cake:)

Here's a close up of her blush and nail polish for a fashionista's birthday bash

We also sculpted her personal water bottle. I was told that she always has bottle water in her purse.

Luv:) Fashionista must haves in her designer bag.

We made a cool juicy bag for a teen birthday star.

Tah Dah. No teen travels without her ipod.