Friday, August 27, 2010

Great News!!!

We've had some press features in SCMP, Japanese Newspaper and other Chinese Newspaper.
We are so greatful for all the great news mentioned and we know it is truly not possible with out the support of our fans and loyal customers.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did:)
Maggie from the Japanese Newpaper interviewed me for this special article.
This article featured our photo cakes, classes, specialty cakes and history of how we started.
If only I payed more attention in Japanese Class in high school I could tell you more.
But I do remember how to say this,
ARIGATO Maggie San! :)

Amy from SCMP wrote a wonderful article about the increasing trend of baking in Hong Kong.
And we were honored to be considered one of the premier baking supplies stores in Hong Kong.
Love the photo taken of one of our students finishing up her final cake.

Our Madame Tussaud's 10th birthday cake was such a hit it was featured in several Chinese newpapers. Sing Pao, WenWei Po, HK Commercial Press.

Last but not least, I never got a chance to share our FABULOUS popcorn cake video.
If you remember a couple of weeks ago I blogged about the cake but I never got a chance to
show you the best part, THE VIDEO!!!
Have a great weekend, Enjoy!:)