Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Its been one of those crazy days. We've been buzzing around getting our store ready.
Geez I feel like morning was just 2 second ago, seriously scary how time flies.
We had 2 Course 1 classes going today and the students are settling in very well.
Our sales team is speeding away merchandising all of our products trying to get things looking good before our doors open at 10am tomorrow.

While we were organizing the store we delivered a fab cupcake tower to HSBC for a company celebration.

We also made some UHDORABLE COOKIES for another celebration.
I loved them so much I decided to make more for our store opening tomorrow.
They'll all be available:) FUN FUN FUN

Even more Fun news, here's a video to celebrate our store opening tomorrow.
And if I sound like I had 10 cups of coffee and way too much icing is because I did:P
GO GO GO!!!!