Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Going:)

Our store is open and it has been very exciting.
We have been busy restocking and getting use to our new home. We love our new bigger home and we have been getting lots of encouraging comments which really makes our day.
Some of you who have already visited probably noticed some empty shelves, we have been busy trying to fill our floor with stock. Please excuse us as we try to get all the stock out and re merchandise. Its been a bit of a scramble but we're almost there. Don't be surprised if you see some new items the next time you come.

Luv our bigger cupcake case:)

And yes, we are fully aware that there are still some loose ends, please excuse us as we give our store its finishing touches:)

Our classes have been going on full swing. Its been great seeing our past students get so excited about their new classroom.

As the school season is back in full swing, we've been doing a lot of kid themed cakes.
Here's our latest.

Super Ultra Man Cake with Painted Background.

Luv my lil piggy who keeps me company when I paint.
I used fondant paint for the fab background.

Summer holidays may be over but surf is still up

Nothing like a few Zzzzzz in a pea pod Ahhhhhhhh!

Have a great weekend:)