Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coming this Fall!

We have been doing some really exciting things for Fall.  I know summer hasn't even started and here I am talking about Fall. Trust me you're gonna wanna know about our exciting news. 
We have been busy we're not moving. We have been busy renovating another floor in the same building as our store. EXCITING news huh!!! The new floor will be a brand new cake class studio. 
Many of you have asked why I'm not doing any of our Deelite Workshops this summer. Now you know the reason. I"ve been busy trying to get our class studio completed. By Fall all our Deelite Workshops will be in full swing and you will get to enjoy them in our new classroom too:)Happiness!!!!

More goody news! We have been busy designing some really exciting classes to launch this fall. I won't tell yáll what classes just yet. Trust me, you're gonna love them all. I will let you know very very soon.

I recently had a wonderful Perfect Box Cake class. It was great working with the students and seeing their confidence shine.  All their cakes turned out Fabulous!
Here are the students carving out their perfect box cake. 
Covering the box cake with fondant.
 Here I am demoing my quick and easy Deelite tip on how to smooth out and achieve sharp edges.
 The students are well on their way now. All the nerves of covering their own box cake are gone and they are really enjoying putting on the finishing touches to their cake.
 Yay! Happy cakes,Happy faces and Happy Times!