Friday, September 5, 2008

BIG day at School!

Today, Chinese International School celebrated their 25th Anniversary and we got to be apart of this Grand Celebration.
The theme for their anniversary was the Chinese Drum & I was asked to design a spectacular cake for this memorable occasion.
This was a huge honor for me as I was once a student at C.I.S a loooooooooong time ago:) I took loads of photos and am so excited to share the ceremony with y'all.
We were up and going at 5:30 to pack the cake & deliver it to the school campus. Here's a quick shot as we're about to enter into the campus.
The ceremony kicked off with an Fantastic performance by the school orchestra and Dragon Dance Team.

And then came my part.....well except I wasn't physically apart of it, just in cake spirit. I had front row seat as I watch the cake enter into the Moon Gate. I must admit, I had butterflies in my stomach. The distance from the door to the table really wasn't that far. But when the cake was passed on from one group of people to the next, i had to hold my breath. So here goes....
If you can look closely in the right corner of the photo, the cake made it out of our van safely into the hands of Cake carrier group 1.

Then it got passed to 4 brave students or shall I name them Brave Cake carrier group #2

and then they walked & walked & walked and slowly made it to the table. Ok, you can breath now:)

Oops Watch your fingures:) landing!

After the cake cutting, I was over the moon. The cake was a huge hit! The event was absolutely perfect. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I got a HUGE SURPRISE! The Head Master (Mr. Faunce) and school events coordinator (Catherine) gave me a bouquet of flowers. That pretty much left be speechless and truly made my day even sweeter.

Thank you C.I.S for allowing me to be apart of your Birthday Party!