Friday, September 26, 2008


Surprise BEAR, Happy Birthday! We threw a surprise birthday party for my step father "BEAR" last night. I love surprise birthday parties. Sometimes I think I enjoy the surprise more than the birthday person because i get to design a super dooper fun cake for them.

You're probably wondering why there is a bear sitting in a back pack. Well, my step father's nick name is "BEAR". It was just a name that popped up one morning during breakfast and ever since then, he's been "Bear". Don't worry, he's the care bear type not the grizzly bear:) I know its hard to tell when the bear is holding up a sign saying "Don't touch my back pack"Grrrrrrr:)

Why a back pack????well it's because Bear never goes anywhere without his best friend the "Back pack". Whether it be a 5 minute walk to the super market or to a formal dinner, his trusty back pack is always with him. Sometimes I think he was born with a back pack attached to his back. It doesn't matter where he goes, the back pack is always with him.

See, I told you he's not a Grizzly Bear:)
Cheers to 50 fabulous years of back packing and many more to come.
Happy Birthday Bear!