Saturday, October 18, 2008

Staccato's 10th Anniversary

As I mentioned on my last blog, it has been a very eventful week. Aside from our Deelite car show, we were also given an opportunity to be apart of Staccato's 10th anniversary Shoe Show. We hand sculpted their Hot boot of the season for this Fabulous event.

We were given a sample of the boot they wanted to feature for the their Grand Birthday cake.
Here's a shot of the cake with the original boot in the back.

Just in case your wondering where I got the inspiration for the shoe box color, I decided to pick a plum purple because it was the color of the center wall in the store run way.

There was a lot of competition for our designer boot cake. I mean HELLO, the entire store was surrounded with Staccato's fall collection and one could not help but to notice all the fabulous models strutting down the runway with the season fabulous must have shoes:)
We received some exciting news from Staccato the next day and our Deelite Boot got to share the spotlight with one of the models. Here is our boot featured in Apple newspaper on Friday.