Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where are the Circus Animals????

For Darren's 1st birthday, we created this colorful #1 shape cake decorated with stars and his circus animal friends.
You're probably wondering why I'm asking where the circus animals are since you're staring right at them. Well you see, the original design of the cake aka Plan A, was supposed to have plastic hand crafted circus toppers. For some strange reason, we could not find our Plan A circus clan for Darren's special cake. I decided to go to Plan B and hand sculpt an original Deelite Circus animal team.
I realized as the animals started to come to life that if the original toppers were around, we would have never been able to see the even more adorable Deelite Circus team:) And I'm not the only one who thinks so because Darren's mom was very deelited when she picked up the cake.

Here's a salute to Plan B, missing circus toppers and Darren:)
Presenting the Original Deelite Circus Clan:
Eyore the elephant, Suzie the seal, Bobo the bear and last but certainly not least, Leo the lion

Oh and if you ever see the Plan A circus toppers lying around at our store, please do let us know.
We're still looking for the lil rascals:)