Thursday, August 20, 2009

Small Cakes always Shine!

Many times, I blog a lot about our Xtravagant cakes or Cupcake towers with dozens and dozens of Cupcakes around them.
I'd like to take this time to simply say, Size doesn't matter:) Small cake doesn't mean Lame cake or lame party.
Here's a few of our fabulous Small Cakes that have wowed all types of celebrations.
You may have all seen this cute bear before.
Beary Sweet design was first featured on our Beary Sweet Cupcake tower.
Since then, this cake design has been one of our favourites for baby showers or first birthday.
We've had Beary Sweet holding onto candles, happy birthday signs, baby blanket or just simply sitting very pretty surrounded by stars.
Cake size is a 6" round and what we call a 1 1/2. Because its double the height of our standard 2" cake. Feeds appx 10-15 ppl med size cuts to 15-20ppl sliver cuts.

This is an oldy but goody. This was a sweet heart to sweet heart cake. A very sweet boyfriend thought of the idea and gave it to his girlfriend who is a HUGE fan of guess??? CHANEL.
Since then it has been a favourite design for many chic city slickers:)
Size is a 6"x 2" Cake. Feed appx 5-10 ppl

This cheery fella was inspired by our famous clown cake we did for Lucas Tse 2 years ago.
Since then, the cheery clown has been one of our most popular designs.
We designed this to capture the same cheeriness from our 2 tier version and made it into a sweet lil cheery cake.
Size 6" x 4"

Last but not least is our latest of our sweet heart to sweet heart cakes.
A boyfriend saw our cascade roses wedding cake and wanted to capture the same idea on smaller cake just for the 2 of them.
So we did just that and cascaded this 6" x 4" cake with hand-made gumpaste roses.
Can we say LUV!!!!!:)

to match the roses, he wanted a red velvet cake which also happened to be his sweetheart's fave flavor.