Friday, August 28, 2009

New Website!!!!

Recognize these cute bunny cupcakes. They're on our new website.
I hope you like our new website:)
We got lotsa new goodies on it, take your time to browse I hope you like it as much as we do:)Remember on my last post I showed y''all some of our mini candy toppers, here's what they looked like on top of our jr. cupcakes.

We laid out the cupcakes on a board and also added some fun text on it
"Happy Birthday Susan"

You'll notice on our new website, we have new order forms, and new code #'s for every single one of our cake, cupcake and cookie designs. Ordering is even easier now, if you like a design, all you gotta do is fill out an order request form YUP thats it that easy.

We will then contact you to confirm details and payment.

For everyday cupcakes, even easier just scroll down to the order tab on Everyday Cupcake page, open the order form check off the flavors you want fax or email us the form and thats it. TAH DAH...cupcakes at your doorstep:)

Oh one more thing, if you log on and find that the old website still pops up, it may still be programmed on your bookmark. Please type in again and it should be as good as new. And ofcoarse don't forget to bookmark it:)

Have a great weekend!