Monday, September 7, 2009

Giant Cupcake Mania!

Can you believe its already September??? WILD, CRAZY, I know, the year is just flying by so fast. September is a BIG month for us. Its the month of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas planning.
I"ve always gasped when people started talking about holiday season in September. But its something that we have to do here in Deelite. Holiday season for us starts in the beginning of Summer. We start brainstorming about all of the new products, cake designs and fun fun stuff. September is the month we start executing and finalizing holiday ideas. We celebrate Christmas very early here:) If you've been following me on the blog long enough, you already know Christmas is my ultimate LUV LUV LUV fave holiday season.
Another BIG thing that we're gearing up for is our Grand 5th birthday. We've been in stitches looking at old photos, designing our birthday cake and also organizing our grand birthday video.
I only realized it was our 5th birthday early in the summer when someone asked what year we opened. When I responded with 2004, the person said "Wow, you've been open for 5 years" and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. HELLO, that's crazy 5 years already. That saying is so true, "time flies when your having fun":)
Speaking of Fun, here are some fun Giant Cupcake designs we've done recently. Its been one of our most requested designs.
For a 1st birthday we dazzled the top with a personalized bunny, which was the birthday girls fave stuffed animal.
Here's a close up of the sweet bunny!

For a twenty something birthday at the M1NT, we made a razz-pizazz bunny for Stephnie.

We surrounded her giant cc with her favourite red velvet cupcakes

Last but least, we sculpted a chirppy rooster for Don's 4th birthday.

Just in case you're wondering, the size of a giant cupcake is appx 5" Round x 7" high. Keep in mind the cake diameter gets bigger as you get to the top of the cupcake.Also if you want to put a hand sculpted topper, it adds about 3"-4" more to your height.

Our Giant Cupcake Feeds appx 25-30ppl .