Monday, October 5, 2009

Charm Stable Horse Cake!

If you were never a horse fan before, you will be today:)
We made a fun and deelish charm stable horse cake for 2 special birthday girls.
The cake flavor was choco luvin: Choco cake filled with fresh bananas and cream.

We bedazzled the roof top of the stable with multi-colored flower power tiles made from our marshmellow fondant.

You may not have noticed earlier, don't you just luv how all of our charm city horses have different hair styles:)

Best of all, this cake was for 2 birthday girls.

Annnnnnnnnd we got a super SAWEEEET surprise email from their mother today.
"Please send my huge thank you for those making the beautiful stable cake for my girl last Friday. Both adults and kids loved the cake very much and enjoy eating it.