Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elmo Mania Cakes and Cupcakes!

We can never have enough Elmo here in Deelite. What is it about Elmo that attracts both adults and kids alike. I have no idea, but we luv doing all types of Elmo themed cakes.
Here is a cupcake cake we arranged into Elmo shape. We put together 16pcs of 1/2 choc and vanilla cupcakes and piped on his signature features.

Luving the signature Elmo fur:) check out the cupcakes!

The 2nd birthday cake is simply adorable.

Bedazzle it with some Elmo-Mania cupcakes and Seriously..... drop your jaw craziness cute!

There's more of Elmo to show.
Here is an Elmo I hand sculpted to go on top of a cake.
BANANAZ!!!! I know.

The cake is cute as is with just Elmo sitting on top.
BUT,with a lil more bedazzle.....

Its Elmo-rific!!!! wait just a bit more bedazzle...

Nothing like some cute Jr. Rainbow Bright cupcakes to complete the look.

Can we say LUV!