Monday, February 1, 2010

Celebrate Celebrate!!!

The best part about being in celebration business is being apart of so many different types of celebrations. There is a story behind every cake, balloon, cookie, cupcake, and student who take our classes. Every week, we are apart of that, and we LUV it!!!!!
It wouldn't be the same if there wasn't a story. The story is always the best part of all of our edible creations. It's what makes the entire occasion so memorable.
We transformed our Rose Cascade cake for the 1st anniversary of our Deelite wedding couple. We made their wedding cake about a year ago. They loved their cake so much, the husband wanted to surprise his wife with a Rose Cascade cake.
To personalize their design, we double stacked the top tier to give it an elegant tower effect and then we showered the cake with our Red Gum paste roses.
As requested by our customer, we designed these one of a kind disney themed cupcakes for an elaborate Disney themed party. Each figurine was appx 1 1/2 "high. You can imagine how small the rest of the features were. When they were all done, they were so UH-dorable!!!
Chinese New year is right around the corner.
We designed these Chinese New Year Cookies for Nokia's New Year Party celebration.

Since we launched our Chinese classes about 6 months ago, they have been a huge hit.
We are so excited for all of our students.
Every so often I get to walk through the classroom and glimpse a peek.
Here are a few shots:) All the talent, excitement and passion I have seen over the 6 months has been incredible. Cake decorating is truly an art form that speaks through many languages and cultures:)