Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun in Class & Store!

Its been one heck of a week.
For those of you living in HK, Boy was it HUUUUUUMID this week.
It was 97% humidity, not fun condition for cake decorating:(
Icing gets really soppy, gum paste flowers and royal icing flowers don't dry like they should , but heck, we're not gonna let some Crazy humidity "dampen" our day:)
Thanks to our trusty Lady Dede-Dehumidifier we have been able to decorate in nice dry conditions.
Our students were such troopers. These are some tough conditions to be decorating in. I'm so glad they didn't let the humidity dampen their class. I was so happy to see that they were able to prepare some nice flowers at home and bring it to class to decorate their final cakes.
Here's a photos of our Course 2 students finishing their final cakes.
Look their flowers are looking good and Dry.
On the same evening, we also had a Course 3 class graduating at our other class premise.
Look, her gum paste flowers are looking Fabulous too:)
Yay, victory over humidity:)
More news, we got a new shipment of goodies in today.
And, we spruced things up a lil with new signages
Here's our new rainbow balloon signage. LUV!!!!

Time is just flying so quickly, I can't believe it but yes, Easter is right around the corner.
Here's our new Easter products fresh outta the boxes.

My personal fave, 3D bunny pan:)

Brand new wall of goodies filled brownie and candy goodies.
Don't you just luv the sign:)

Have a great weekend!!!!