Friday, February 5, 2010

Cola Bubbles and Disco Ball Cake

Its been a glorious and eventful week.
We got a call from Australia requesting for a Coca-Cola Zero cake.
Not only that, the request was made the night before the event.
YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYAOZAAAAAAzzz. Yup the night before.
We usually don't accept orders with such short notice.
But, since the call was made from Australia. We could not leave someone without a cake to celebrate with in Hong Kong. So we went on full throttle and finished off the cake just in the nick of time.
Tah Dah.....

We had a blast doing this cake.

We were also apart of a Disco themed party.
There's nothing better than a disco ball cake for this boogie party.
We tiled the entire cake with sparkly disco tiles about 2cm each square.
Seriously, it was like doing the rubix cube.
And when we finished putting all the disco tiles on. It was GLORIOUS!!!!!

Can we say Boogie Woogie Woogie!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!