Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cakes To Go!!!!

We are so excited to announce our brand new line of Cakes To Go designs.
After many requests for our cakes to be available on the same day, we have come up with some Deelite designs and options that we're sure you'll luuuuuv for all your celebrations.

How to order:
All we need is 6 hours notice by phone call/in person
Call us for our available size options.
We have some great color options for some designs. Original design cannot be changed.
Cakes to Go is available: M-Saturday. Cakes for Sunday must be ordered on Saturday.
Cake Flavor: We have a bunch of great flavor options. Please call us for your choices.

Here are our Fabulous 6 Cake designs.

Its Your Birthday!
As shown in primary combo. Also available in pastel color combo

Sweet Heart!
As shown in pink combo, also available in blue or yellow combo

Happy Days!
As shown in Yellow, also available with pink or purple daisy.

This has been our best seller since our soft launch of our cakes to go last week.
How can you resist those Uh-dorable butterflies.

Party Animal!
My personal Fave:) Available in Purple, White or Yellow combo

Hey Baby!
Nothing like a cake to celebrate a sweet pea's arrival.
As shown in Blue combo, also available in pink or green combo.

We Luuuuuuuuuuuuv Cakes to Go!!!!