Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Creations!

We had a lot of fun yesterday designing some goodies for our New Move.
They are so cute and unforgettable I had to blog about them. We have also just posted them on our homepage window.
We're Moving Cupcakes!


We Movin Cake.
Can I get a witness on the lil choco chip cookie in her shopping bag. Triple LUV!!!

We also had a great time making a potpourri of cupcake designs for this special birthday party.

I love how they matched their 3D photo with their bee themed cupcakes.
We LUV coordinating too:)

If you have seen these cupcakes around its because you probably have. A lil birdy told us that our cupcakes were posted on this website:) The entire wall is filled our cupcakes .

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!