Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thomas the Tank Cupcakes!

We made Thomas themed cupcakes with Thomas and his 2 friends Percy and James.
Out of all the trains, Thomas is the most popular.
He is like the studly boy on school campus, the triple threat on an acting stage, the all star athlete.
After making him and his 2 friends James and Percy,
I have discovered a new found LUV for all three trains.
After seeing these photos you will have a HUGE LUV for not only Thomas but Percy and James too.:)
Here I am making the Train chimney.

As you can see, the trains were tiny so stick on their faces was a very delicate process.
Here I am giving Thomas a nice facial.
I marked out their famous smile and eyes. Here's Percy


James, with his pupils

Ahhhhhhhhh this was taken right after I piped out all their eyes and brows.

WHA WHA WAIT, it gets even better

You know how we LUV to coordinate, we added #3 on both sides of the train for the birthday boy's 3rd birthday.

I know.....Eeeeeek so cute.

Yes, it gets even better. We then piped out a mini train track on the cupcakes with some grass.


LUV THOMAS & Friends???

Told You so:)
Have a great weekend!!!