Friday, June 27, 2008

In Magazine

We were excited that 4 of our wedding cakes were featured in In Magazine.
Thier wedding issue (which is out once a year) is out in newstands now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Snack Attack!

We were given a very special request to do a cake for a gentleman who was a super Coca Cola fan. The first idea was to have an xtravagant 3D Coke can cake.

Then we thought it would be a bit too predictable so we came up with a Snack Attack cake.
Not only was Xavier a commited Cola fan, he was also a huge fan of Pringles and LU's biscuits.
We were so inspired by his passion to snack that we created his personal cake embellished with his very favourite brand of snacks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds!

A long time ago a customer asked if we could make a cupcake cake. All she wanted was that the cupcakes be put together to make it look like a cake.
We decided to take it up a knotch and create our version of a cupcake cake.
We put the cupcakes together and iced all the cupcakes so that it would look like a cake on top and hidden underneath the yummy buttercream icing were cupcakes waiting to be devoured.

Since then, our Cupcake Cakes have evolved and have been a very popular request. We've put cupcakes together to make alphabets, star shapes , flowers, hearts and our most popular number shapes.
The best part of a cupcake cake is that you get the best of both worlds.
You get a cake and a cupcake. What more could you ask for:)
Here is a #1 cupcake cake we did for Tyler's very 1st birthday.
3 dozen vanilla and chocolate flavored cupcakes.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fisher Price Logo Cookies

We decorated 130pcs of these adorable Fisher Price Logo cookies.
The image on the cookie is even edible.
The cookies were all shimmered with edible sugar glitter in yellow and pink.
I'm sure these cookies brightened up a"Manic Monday" at the Office:)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I I don't know if Marc Jacobs ever designed a pair of sandal with zebra print???
In the cake world, lets just say he did.
Marc Jacobs is one of the birthday girls favorite brands and her boyfriend specifically said that he wanted her to have a zebra print shoe.
I thought this was such as sweet gift. He even personalized the text for her cake.
"Dear Thea...Happy Birthday....Definitely more fun than shopping for shoes!"

Monday, June 9, 2008


We had a record down pour this past weekend. We had a flooding in our decorating studio and I thought it was quite fitting that I had to decorate this Diver theme cake.
We Decorated a 90th Birthday Cake for a Surprise 50th birthday Party. His friends wanted to wish him a life of longevity. I thought it was very creative:)
Veuve Clicquot is also his personal fave. As for the crab..... I couldn't leave Mr. Diver all by himself. So I decided to sculpt out Mr. Crab to celebrate his "90th" birthday with him.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Deelite at the Peak

The Peak Tram celebrated their 120th anniversary. We had the honor of being apart of this historical celebration. I designed a 5 tier Topsy Turvy cake featuring all 5 generations of the tram. I also had the joy of attending the press event which was Fantastic!
Here are some photos of the event.

To commemorate this monumental celebration, the Peak Tram offered a ride up to the peak at its original price of 30 cents. An estimated 10,000 people showed up to ride on the tram. They also had people dressed up in fashion from 1888 to reflect the days of when the peak started.

I know its hard to see, but as you can tell there was no way I could squeeze my way in with the the press photographers to grab a close up shot of the cake cutting. I did try my best and stuck my hand up to take some random shots. Not a bad shot huh...:)

The cake was also featured in the newspaper the next day.