Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

We're in countdown mode. About 1 week  till xmas YAYAYAYAY!
I"m sure some of you are still scrambling for gifts. In the midst of the hussell and bussell, don't forget to take a breather and enjoy the holiday atmosphere, spirit and joy. I had to remind myself that 2 weeks ago when we were in the midst of the IBE cake and bakery expo. I literally had no time to breath between cakes, classes and prepping for the convention it was seriously eventful to say the least. Here are some great photos of the expo. As you can see our booth was really buzzing with sweet talent from many different artists and brands. 
We featured Kelmy, Satin Ice, Wilton, Icing Images, Lorann Oils, & Sugar Arts. We also had a great show of Master Artists from around the globe: David MaCarfrae (Royal Icing Master)from David Cakes, Kristina Rado (Royal Icing Master), Mike Terry ( Wafer Paper Master), Kathleen Lange ( Lambeth Method Master), Robert Haynes ( Sugar Flower Master). This year we highlighted the Year of the Royal icing so it was really great seeing different Royal Icing masters show case their interpretation of piping with Royal Icing. 
 Within our booth area we also had 3 workshop spaces in the back for people to take classes. 

 Here I am demonstrating Satin Ice fondant techniques
 David with is Royal Icing Smile:)

To give you a breather from the holiday buzz I thought I'd share a bit of entertainment.
Go grab you mulled wine or hot chocolate sit back relax and enjoy this Gingerbread Boy Cake video We hope this inspires and entertains you:)

Merry Christmas!!!
Deelite Family

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars Cake & My 4 Boys

Hi hi all, I hope your fall season has been off to a great start. Here in Hong Kong we're only feeling a bit of a cool breeze. Never the less, its nice to get that cozy feeling again. Your eyes are probably still popping out of your face because you think I have 4 boys. Noo noo nooo, I only have 2 ( 3 yr and 9 months) I have 2 nephews as well ( 4 yr & 10 months) They are all very close in age which is great when we get together. I have the privilege and joy of being their official Bday cake Mommy & Auntie. When it was just the 2 older boys it wasn't too bad. As soon as the 2 younger ones were born it was a game changer. It has been a very eventful year of bday parties and celebrations.
I call it my birthday cake marathon. In asia we celebrate the babies 100 day. So my marathon started in April when my bb son reached 100 days.
Here's the cake

Then 1 month later it was my son's birthday. Some of you may remember his Buzz lightyear cake.

Then I get a lil break and October was my Nephew's 4th Birthday Star Wars theme.
Here it is

December is bb Nephews 1st Brithday. Still figuring out what to do. Then I have my bb son's 1st birthday in Jan. and the Marathon is finished. In May the Marathon starts all over again.I take it all with great joy to be apart of my 4 boys milestones. They all grow up so fast. I often look at the previous cakes I"ve made for them and see how they have outgrown certain themes and stages in life. The 2 eldest are just active lil "ANGELS":) and the lil ones are cute as ever. Before you know it it'll be thier 18th birthday and they may not even want a cake.......Sadness. But never the less I will make them one. And one day even their wedding cake. Oh tears......:) Life can get so busy but it is when I make these cakes where I can take a step back and enjoy all my sweet blessings:)
Here are some of the boys previous cakes.

This was no ordinary bus cake. I put an electric bubble machine inside the cake so when the cake got pushed out, bubbles were coming out of the bus. Is that Cool or what....if I don't say so myself:P

This was Joshua's 1st birthday cake. He had a hawaiian Luau theme. This cake was absolutly HUGE! And if you look very closely, the cake was a rainbow cake on the inside as well. I really didn't plan for it to be so big. I had so much fun making all the little details we had to make a bigger cake to place all the animals and creatures.
Aloha and have a blessed week!