Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ariel Cake!

We made a very cool 3D xtravagant cake for Ashley. Ashley is a Super dooper Ariel fan. Last year, we made a cut out Ariel cake. This year, she wanted another Ariel themed cake, so her mom brought us the Ariel candle and asked that we do something similar.
As usual, we had a blast doing it. I know Ashley and her friends love it as much a we did:)
Here'e a lil note from Ashley's mom:
Thank you very much for the Ariel 3D birthday cake. It was very nice and Ashley and her friends were so excited and happy! Thanks very much for all your hardwork, Jacinta and also your colleagues!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Website!!!!

Recognize these cute bunny cupcakes. They're on our new website.
I hope you like our new website:)
We got lotsa new goodies on it, take your time to browse I hope you like it as much as we do:)Remember on my last post I showed y''all some of our mini candy toppers, here's what they looked like on top of our jr. cupcakes.

We laid out the cupcakes on a board and also added some fun text on it
"Happy Birthday Susan"

You'll notice on our new website, we have new order forms, and new code #'s for every single one of our cake, cupcake and cookie designs. Ordering is even easier now, if you like a design, all you gotta do is fill out an order request form YUP thats it that easy.

We will then contact you to confirm details and payment.

For everyday cupcakes, even easier just scroll down to the order tab on Everyday Cupcake page, open the order form check off the flavors you want fax or email us the form and thats it. TAH DAH...cupcakes at your doorstep:)

Oh one more thing, if you log on and find that the old website still pops up, it may still be programmed on your bookmark. Please type in again and it should be as good as new. And ofcoarse don't forget to bookmark it:)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Dooper Week!

For those of you who have been reading our Facebook or Twitter posts, y'all know we've been busy organizing our store with all our new stock that just arrived annnnnnnnd also preparing
for our GRAND BRAND SPANKING NEW website!!!!! Yes, if you can't tell from the Capital letters, I"M SO TOTALLY EXCITED about our new website. Its been one of those LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG projects. It took alot of reorganizing and organizing but all well worth it. We still got a few more tweeks but its FABULOSO! And I know y'all are gonna love it. Annnnnnnyway, there has been a lot of activity in deelite this week.
Here are a few highlights.
I had to show you our new shipment of our marshmallow fondant.

Not only do they come in fabulous colours in these handy mini tubs, but they are grrrrrrreat for figurine/flower molding.
The texture of the fondant is smooth as silk. You see:) Isn't he so cayute!

We also have the regular marshmallow fondant to cover your cakes with. It smells and tastes amazing. Seriously, I kid you not, your entire kitchen will smell like marshmallows when you roll out your fondant to cover your cake:)
here's our marshmallow baby on top of our marshmallow covered cake.

Behind marshmallow fondant, is our Candy section. I was so excited to see our remerchandized shelf I had to snapp a shot. We incorporate lots of candy melts with our cakes designs.

Here's some we prepped today at our cake deco studio. Don't chya just luv'em.

They were made for some Jr. cupcakes. The size of the shoe is about 1". The entire shoe is made from Candy Melts.
Oh, speaking of candy melts, here's lil sneak peak on whats to come on our new website, if you wanna learn how to make candy decorations just like these cute shoes, we are launching a brand new workshop called We LUV Candy! It'll all be on the new website this Friday.
That's about it in a nutshell!
It's been a great week, and the best part is, its gonna get saweeter.
Don't forget our new website out this Friday:)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jewelry Box Cake

Hi everyone, meet our adorable Jewelry box sweetheart:)
We made this cake to surprise a mommy's 62nd birthday.

The Pink diamond rocks embellished on the box tissue are all edible crystals.

Inside this pearl studded jewelry box is our Mango Deelite Cake.
Vanilla cake filled with Fresh Mangoes and Cream.
HmmmmmmHmmm Deelish!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Small Cakes always Shine!

Many times, I blog a lot about our Xtravagant cakes or Cupcake towers with dozens and dozens of Cupcakes around them.
I'd like to take this time to simply say, Size doesn't matter:) Small cake doesn't mean Lame cake or lame party.
Here's a few of our fabulous Small Cakes that have wowed all types of celebrations.
You may have all seen this cute bear before.
Beary Sweet design was first featured on our Beary Sweet Cupcake tower.
Since then, this cake design has been one of our favourites for baby showers or first birthday.
We've had Beary Sweet holding onto candles, happy birthday signs, baby blanket or just simply sitting very pretty surrounded by stars.
Cake size is a 6" round and what we call a 1 1/2. Because its double the height of our standard 2" cake. Feeds appx 10-15 ppl med size cuts to 15-20ppl sliver cuts.

This is an oldy but goody. This was a sweet heart to sweet heart cake. A very sweet boyfriend thought of the idea and gave it to his girlfriend who is a HUGE fan of guess??? CHANEL.
Since then it has been a favourite design for many chic city slickers:)
Size is a 6"x 2" Cake. Feed appx 5-10 ppl

This cheery fella was inspired by our famous clown cake we did for Lucas Tse 2 years ago.
Since then, the cheery clown has been one of our most popular designs.
We designed this to capture the same cheeriness from our 2 tier version and made it into a sweet lil cheery cake.
Size 6" x 4"

Last but not least is our latest of our sweet heart to sweet heart cakes.
A boyfriend saw our cascade roses wedding cake and wanted to capture the same idea on smaller cake just for the 2 of them.
So we did just that and cascaded this 6" x 4" cake with hand-made gumpaste roses.
Can we say LUV!!!!!:)

to match the roses, he wanted a red velvet cake which also happened to be his sweetheart's fave flavor.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Heart Baby Cupcake Tower!

Isn't she so CA-YUTE!!!!:)
We decorated this 100th day cupcake tower for Mira.
If I could celebrate my 100th day all over again,
I would sooooooooooo have the same CCT as Mira.
No complaints on my part as I had just as much fun making this cupcake tower:)

I hand sculpted a Giant baby topper for the topper cake and embellished it with cute lil sweethearts.

And then we buttered her up with 8 dozen 2-tone swirl Vanilla cupcakes.
Hmmmmm Deeelish!

Oh and before I forget, we will soon be launching our new website. Can we say Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
I know we're so super dooooooper excited.
We've been working really hard on our new website.
It has taken us MANY MANY months and hours to put it together.
Lots of new cakes, cupcakes, classes and just fun fun stuff:)
Its soon, but not as soon as this week. So hold your horses and I'll be sure to make a grand announcement to all you facebook, twitter and blog fans!!!!
I'm bursting with excitement:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Noah's Ark Cake!

We were asked to do a Noah's ark themed cake for Oliver's 3rd birthday.
The cake was truly enjoyed by everyone at the party, Karen his mother stopped by to tell me.
That made our day:)
As you can see, we had a blast making all the animal figurines .

There was a special request for Hippos, so here's a shot of Hippo cruzin with piglet.

Happy Sunday and have a smooth sailing to Monday:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lucas Tse Birthday Cakes!

We had a blast doing Lucas Tse's birthday cakes again this year.
He had an xtravagant celebration.
As you can see, he is quite the race car fan.
The McQueen cake was a Marble cake-Choco& Vanilla.

A car is not complete without his very own license plate.
Yes, legal to drive at the ripe old age of 2 only at Deelite:)

My personal fave's are these adorable cupcakes with miniature McQueen's on top.

Zooming off to the next car, here is another cake we did for Lucas.
He got to have his very own mini Ferrari zipping off the top of his 2 tier race track cake.

Yes, he has 2 license plates:)
Top tier of his cake was Choco and Bottom Vanilla with Chestnut filling.

Here they are again, I told you they are my fave:)

Wait don't zoom outta here too quickly,
I still got more, check out the video:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm Animals Cupcakes & Cupcake Tower

We had a very hectic weekend. We were apart of some really great party themes.
Here's one that I had to show you.
We were asked to create a farm animal cupcake tower.

Aren't they just the cutest. I even managed to squeeze in Mr. Ducky on top, he begged and begged me to join the 4 legged clan:)

It gets better, we then decorated our signature confetti sprinkled cupcakes with our farm animals. Cupcake flavors were banana, vanilla, choco and red velvet.
AND THEEEEEEEN, we arranged them on our cupcake tower.

I know you wanna see it again:) Here you go!
+= LUV!!!
If only math was this saweeeet in grade school:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ding Dong-Doraemon Cupcakes!

We're zipping into the weekend.
And it doesn't' get any better than having Doraemon and Pal cupcakes hanging out with us at the cake decorating studio.
I know Doraemon's buddy's name is not"Pal",
but I had no idea what his name was
so I gave him a name, 4-eye Joe:)
Why Joe I have no clue, it just kinda happened and it stuck.

ANYYYYYYYWAAYYY,....back to cupcakes.
These were inspired by our ever so popular Elmo cupcakes we did earlier this year.
Don't chyu just luv the cupcake requests we get, its Faboooo!

Actually, come to think of it, we also did a Doraemon cake. You may have remembered it was BIG match, Stalone vs. Doraemon. Its a must read if you haven't read that post yet.
So who da man, Doraemon or 4-eyes Joe?????

HELLOOOOO!!! do I even need to say, read the boxing post:)
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Luv Cupcakes & Jerry Cake

We're luving our cupcake class. 
It was another great crew of cupcake enthusiasts.
We baked, decorated and best of all, enjoyed our deelish cupcakes.
 Time was flying by so quickly cuz we had so much fun. 
Everyone was still able to decorate all their cupcakes with their personal style. 

This is what we call a buttercream war zone. 
Its sooooooo much fun:)

Speaking of buttercream, here is our cutie-patutie Jerry mouse we made for Cameron who is a HUGE Tom & Jerry fan.  

I don't know what Jerry is more excited about,
 Cameron's birthday or that is Friday tomorrow!!!
TGIF oh so very soon!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Balenciaga Cupcake Cake & Christian Louboutin Shoe Cake

Its been a fashionable week:) with lotsa heels, bags, & faboo gift boxes.
Note to all you sweethearts out there.
Just in case you're ever out of gift ideas, personalizing a cake is just as sweet as sending your special someone a bouquet of flowers on their birthday. Even better, send both:)
I promise you, you won't regret it. Annnnnnnnd the birthday sweety will love it so much they will rave to their friends how sweet you are. Now it doesn't get any better than that:)
Here is a Christian Louboutin shoe cake we made for a Louboutine Fan.
It is what we call a sweetheart to sweetheart cake design.
The design was requested because Joyce the birthday girl is a big C.L shoe fan the peppers also had a special meaning for her.

We even managed to polish the C.L. shoe with its signature patent leather finish.
Ooooooooooh La la...

For the first time ever, we got a request for a Balenciaga cupcake cake.
I love it when our creativity gets pushed outta the box:)
We loved doing this cake. We piped out the essence of a genuine Balenciaga on top of our
vanilla cupcakes.
We even managed to put the signature tassels and metal buttons on it.
It was all done with our yummo Buttercream!
Can we say Luv!!!

Happy happy Mid-week!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lobster Cake for Donnie!

We were asked to make a one of a kind, super size lobster cake for Donnie's surprise birthday party at Racks. I had so much fun doing it from start to finish.

Here I am adding that extra Oooomf factor to the metal pot.
As all superstar lobsters deserve the best of the best pots to strut their stuff:)

Yes, the lobster is edible too. SAAAWEEEET!

Even sweeter news, we made a fab video of our stylin lobster.