Monday, June 22, 2015

My Son Joshua's 3rd Birthday Cake-Buzz Lightyear Cake

Three years have zipped by and its unbelievable that my son is 3. It is true what they all say, it goes by fast. I remember when my son was just a few months young and it felt like an eternity during those late/early morning hours. Now, I look back and think "geez where did all that time go?"
Instead of me choosing the design for Joshua's cake. He is telling me what cake design he wants for his birthday. 
I of coarse could not wait to make his birthday cake. 
But the theme oh the theme, it was constantly changing. For a couple of weeks it was Noddy, then Peppa Pig which I was over the moon about.   I thought for sure it was Peppa the Pig and then he threw a curve ball and suddenly he said BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Whaaaaaaaaat!!!! What happened to Peppa son??? " No Mama I want Buzz."
If you're a parent you know what I"m talking about. So Buzz it was and I had a great time making it. The smile on his face oh I will forever cherish. 
For all you parents out there who ever wanted to make a cake for your child I say DO IT! Its the best feeling when they know their Mommy or Daddy made their bday cake. And it doesn't have to be super fancy I mean lets face it all they wanna do is gobble up the icing. 
That SMILE!!! trust me its priceless!
Here's a video of me on the day of his birthday. I had to sneak outta the birthday to take a quick video. 
For the first time ever I"m in NON PINK Yikes:) Well at least my dress coordinated with the cake. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Gold Dazzler Birthday/Wedding Cake

We made a gorgeous jaw dropping 6 tier birthday cake for a very special birthday girl.
She saw this design in our wedding cake catalogue and wanted it for her birthday. I like how this girl throws a party:)
Every single pearl droplet was hand painted with gold.
Flavor of the cake was red velvet. We know she had an unforgettable birthday party.
Enjoy the video:)