Thursday, October 24, 2013

Designer Cupcake Class!

Hi hi everyone:) October is flying by and I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner!
Our deco team has been busy making all kinds of yummy Halloween treats. 
Luv these cookies!

Our We Luv workshops have been so much fun.
We've revamped our Classic Cake Technique Class. I taught the very first class this past weekend. 
The students learned how to bake,prep and fill their tall vanilla cake. 
Look at all these beauties:)

And then we spent the other half of the class learning how to decorate with ombre swirls

Happy Cake Happy Smiles:)
I also taught our ever so popular Designer Cupcake Class with these lovely ladies today:)
Decorating designer cupcakes is not an easy task, see how concentrated they are?
But let me tell you they completed all thier cupcakes with such finesse:) I was so proud of them.
Tah Dah......!
Also, for all our video fans out there, I havn't forgotten about you. We have recently updated our youtube channel ,added a few videos and new channel art on it, here's one of them featuring the gorgeous Lalaloopsy Cake (With a hidden surprise in it, remember to watch the whole video!). 

xoxo Have a Great Weekend:)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Deelite Make Over Complete:)

I can finally say that we are done with our renovations:) Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!
 I'm lovin our new register

 Remember this shot I took standing from the corner inside our old register
 And look at it now:)
 Everything is slowly coming together in our retail store. We've been busy restocking all the shelves. I want to give a shout out to our retail sales team as they have been working hard puting all the stock out. And not just out but looking pretty too:) Look how pretty our new Candy Corner is perfect for Halloween season:) Great job retail team!!!

I also got a new makeover. Here's my oldie photo back in 2009
about photo
You're probably wondering why I did a makeover picture. Well I thought showing the same photo 2 years in row for Hong Kong International Baking Expo would be a bit boring so I thought why not just do a brand new photo. 
And here is the cake design I will be teaching at HKIBE
Couture Cheetah Handbag and Shoe Cake

Have a great week:)